Have you ever looked at the women in magazines and wondered if you had a good photographer who would fully guide you throughout the shoot, great stylist, and designer clothes you could look like that too? Or your first thought is that you are not photogenic?
Hello, my name is Olga and my answer to your question if you can look absolutely gorgeous and be photogenic is YES. That’s what I do in my studio and that’s what I can do for you as a photographer, creative director, and certified wardrobe stylist. The “Cover girl” experience was inspired by fashion and women we see on Vogue & Vanity Fair covers. But… I am here to bring this incredibly empowering experience and create magazine-style portraits for everyday women like you and me.
I have been on a mission to create not just beautiful portraits, but unforgettable experience as well. I invite you to a personal session with me at my studio. This is the ultimate pampering and confidence-boosting experience – a journey of self-discovery and love. A journey that I had to make myself too, because I was one of many women struggling to see my own beauty. But now I know what beauty is and I can see it in anyone. I want to capture it with my camera so that you can be inspired by the beautiful woman you see in your portraits every day. As a woman myself, this is one of the most powerful things I can give somebody.

There aren’t many certainties in life, but I’m confident I can make one promise to you – I will take the most beautiful photographs you have ever seen of yourself, and it will change your world.

Stay Fabulous, Feel Beautiful,
Olga Komissarova

I absolutely loved to be photographed by Olga. She made it seem like a dream by creating non-judgmental, accepting, and comfortable environment. When I came for a Viewing session I was blown away by the images. I finally saw this incredible and confident woman in my portraits. She captured all the different sides of my personality & even helped me discover what I did not know exist. I am so grateful to her for every moment of this journey.

Sammie Ch., 30


When I looked at women in magazines, I always thought that I would’ve never been able to look that gorgeous because I am not photogenic. Olga guided me throughout the shoot and made me feel at ease and relaxed. Now I have magazine-style portraits of me that I can proudly show to my family and friends. From now on I am  not afraid of camera any more since Olga showed me all the tricks of how to look your best in photographs. She is amazing.

Olga V., 36

Registered Nurse

What Olga creates is simply breathtaking. She has an unique ability to bring your inner beauty out and capture it with her camera. She created elegant portraits not only for me, but for my family as well. These portraits will now become a legacy for my children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren. I cannot recommend her enough. I truly believe that every woman should have this experience with absolutely no regrets at least once. I am confident you will love it as much as I did.

Natalia D., 28

Mother & Wife

After my son was born I did not have much time for myself. It is so easy to forget in the daily routine that you are still a woman, and not only a wife & mother. Olga made me feel so special and beautiful. She helped me throughout the whole process and made it super easy. All I needed to do is to show up and enjoy being pampered. When my son grows up, I will show him these beautiful portraits so he knows how his mom looked a few years back. I absolutely loved my portraits and the whole experience. 

Natalia K., 35

Revenue Audit Manager